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Old World, Meet New

A short interview in which we talk to Amanda Tobier, marketing maven, about the creation of the “13, Rue Therese” website and the use of augmented reality. What first attracted you to “13, Rue Therese” as both a reader and a Marketing Manager? I am an unabashed Francophile! It tickled my French fancy, as well […]

Words Cannot Describe…

How beautiful the finished books and website are for “13, Rue Therese” by Elena Mauli Shapiro, which publishes on February 2nd.  The book has already occasioned a terrific Shelf Awareness piece on its unique marketing campaign (hint: even though the novel is set in France between the first and second World Wars, you’ll get the […]

Department of Heartwarming Things

I don’t know why but this story, linked to in today’s Publisher’s Lunch, about a little literary magazine started by a 57 year old woman in St. Paul, Minnesota winning a prestigious award warmed my wintry heart.  I think it was the name, Grey Sparrow, and the fact that the founder was inspired by a […]

So Many Great Quotes

are included in this PW piece on Kate Atkinson and her new book “Started Early, Took My Dog” that it’s hard to pick just one.  But my favorite has to be the opening, “Yorkshire don’t do emotional problems. They don’t get ill. They don’t have breakdowns.”  It just gets better from there…

2011, Resolved:

To do more of the things I don’t do enough. To do less of the things I do too often. To master the tripod headstand. I’ll report back in December!

New Year’s Resolutions

To blog more. To go to lunch every day, but to limit drinks dates to two a week.  This year I’ve met a lot of agents, and though they were all lovely, and though I remember all of them individually (at least, when I look back through my calendar listing all their names) by the […]