Monthly Archives: June 2011

Deal Book

We’re excited for two just-announced deals for forthcoming Reagan Arthur Books titles.  In 2013 the imprint will publish Austin Ratner’s novel Little Boys Lost, about doctors, families, and how a young father’s death reverberates decades later in the lives of his grown sons.  Ratner is the high-jumping author of The Jump Artist, which won this year’s […]

Catalog Girl

Book catalogs fill my heart with glee.  Every year when I go to BEA I collect so many that the canvas tote bags I carry them in dig long red gouges into my shoulders.  I’m fascinated by the books publishers are banking on as their big, blockbuster novels for the season and by the most […]

Things that are making us happy: Thursday edition

*Seeing starred Publishers Weekly reviews for forthcoming books by Megan Abbott and George Pelecanos. *Seeing our cover for The Book of Life here. *This amazing comic that Anna North and Cole Weathers did for America Pacifica. (First image here, but you must click through to read the entire story!)