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Eowyn Ivey warns us about the bears, and yet we want to move to Alaska anyhow

Check out the great piece that ran this weekend in The Observer by our very own Eowyn Ivey, author of the delightful debut novel The Snow Child which goes on sale this week (more evidence of Ivey’s superstardom tk in the next post).  Maybe next time she takes to the Colorado River we can swap […]

What it is all about: a great writer’s great new novel

It’s publication day for George Pelecanos’s newest thriller, WHAT IT WAS, and we couldn’t be more excited. You can read Janet Maslin’s terrific review here, and you can also read (if you subscribe) this Wall Street Journal article about the novel’s unconventional three formats and prices. Or you can check out George himself, via our […]

Ian Rankin: The Impossible Dead and the origin of an idea

Today is a very special day, and not only because our moms are getting the turkey ready to brine and preparing batches of Chex Mix, but because today Ian Rankin’s newest novel The Impossible Dead  goes on sale.  To celebrate, we’re featuring an excerpt from a special piece that Rankin wrote called “The Death of […]

Words Cannot Describe…

How beautiful the finished books and website are for “13, Rue Therese” by Elena Mauli Shapiro, which publishes on February 2nd.  The book has already occasioned a terrific Shelf Awareness piece on its unique marketing campaign (hint: even though the novel is set in France between the first and second World Wars, you’ll get the […]

Most Excited For

More forthcoming books from other publishers, that I’m excited to read: * Martin Stannard’s biography of Muriel Spark, which Norton is publishing in April.  I’m a fan of Spark’s fierce fiction, but know almost nothing about her life.  Her name is frequently mentioned as an influence on other female British and Irish writers I admire, so […]

Most Excited For

More books I’m really excited for: this collection from one of the great, and greatly overlooked New Yorker writers St. Clair McKelway.  McKelway specialized in true crime stories about the underbelly of 1930s-60s New York: junkmen, con men, counterfeiters, FBI agents, good cops and bad.  Plus, he endured five marriages and divorces, and “sometimes debilitating […]

Most Excited For

I hereby inaugurate a new category of blog post, in which I write about the forthcoming books from other publishers that I cannot wait to read.  First up: Adam Haslett’s “Union Atlantic” which is out from Nan A. Talese in Feburary, and has this gorgeous cover:Why am I excited for it?  Because “You are Not […]