New Year’s Resolutions

  1. To blog more.
  2. To go to lunch every day, but to limit drinks dates to two a week.  This year I’ve met a lot of agents, and though they were all lovely, and though I remember all of them individually (at least, when I look back through my calendar listing all their names) by the end of the year everything was starting to blur, which I guess is normal when you are meeting 10 new people per week.  It was a bit like going on 500 blind dates.  I know most agents felt the same about meeting me, because one of the wittiest and most memorable suggested I include a photo along with my business card.  Which, I’m actually considering.
  3. To go to yoga on the other two nights of the week that I am not having drinks.
  4. To buy at least one (but hopefully more than one) superlative work of narrative nonfiction.
  5. To get back to agents sooner if I know I’m just not loving something enough to pursue it.  I try to do this anyway, but sometimes (guilty confession) I take longer than I should, because I hate having to write a rejection note to an agent I really like, or on a book that was close but not close enough.
  6. To spend more time at the bookstores I already know and love in my neck of the woods (Elm Street Books, JustBooks) and the ones that are a bit further out (Books on the Common, RJ Julia).
  7. To create a fancy Excel-spreadsheet-mailing list of my 500 blind dates and organize their addresses in a system other than the heap of business cards piled up behind my computer.
  8. To read more short story anthologies.
  9. To either refinish our very damaged hardwood floors or just move out and leave the floors as someone else’s problem to deal with.  I’d say there is an equal probability of both happening.
  10. To sing karaoke, at least once.

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  1. Posted January 12, 2011 at 3:45 am | Permalink | Reply

    May I ask whether your company ever accepts narrative non-fiction proposals direct, ie, not through the intervention of an agent? I do have an agent but am in the delicate process of switching and would be sorry to miss out on an opportunity.

    Incidentally, we have moved house rather than tackle the challenge of cleaning the oven, so I have all sympathy for your hardwood floors!

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