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The Thrill of Finished Books

Before I worked in books I worked in magazines, where publishers sent us galleys of books for review, and then many months later, the finished copies.  It was fun seeing the final product, because sometimes the cover had changed, or the jacket copy was different, but it was more or less what you were expecting […]

“A dazzling novel”

is what Kirkus Reviews calls Frederick Reiken’s “Day for Night” in a starred review: “Brilliant plotting, haunting characters and an elegiac tone distinguish this dazzling novel by Reiken…Contemporary fiction at its best—accessible, breathtaking and heartbreaking.”  We agree!

More Great News

about Reagan Arthur Books authors is perking up our cold winter Monday—Josh Bazell’s “Beat the Reaper” has been nominated for a 2009 Strand Critics Award, for Best First Novel!

Joshua Ferris in “Best American Short Stories”!

We’ve just had word that Joshua Ferris’s story “The Valetudinarian,” which appeared in The New Yorker’s August 3, 2009 issue, has been chosen to appear in the next edition of the “Best American Short Stories,” edited by Richard Russo.  Congratulations, Josh!

See Dan Simmons’ office!

And hear him talk about his new book “Black Hills”:

Things We Love: Painted Books

This is an amazingly cool story from one of my favorite writers, Peter Terzian, about how contemporary artists are using classic book cover designs as sources of inspiration.  It discusses two of my favorite artists, Leanne Shapton and Harland Miller.  Read it now!

You Always Remember Your First

The road to becoming an editor is long and hard: I tell prospective assistants to think of it like graduate school, with less debt.  You work endless hours at the office tending to your boss’s books, then you go home and read manuscripts for your boss, and eventually also for yourself.  At times the odds […]

Most Excited For

More forthcoming books from other publishers, that I’m excited to read: * Martin Stannard’s biography of Muriel Spark, which Norton is publishing in April.  I’m a fan of Spark’s fierce fiction, but know almost nothing about her life.  Her name is frequently mentioned as an influence on other female British and Irish writers I admire, so […]

Excitingly Good News

For “When Will There Be Good News” by Kate Atkinson — the paperback is at #15 on the IndieBound National Bestseller list and appears on the New York Times Bestseller list for the third week in a row.

The Adult Life of Teen Classics

As mentioned earlier today on Publishers Lunch, Francine Pascal’s “Sweet Valley High” book series, about a pair of privileged, popular teenagers named Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, may be making a comeback as a series that follows the lives of the twins as twenty-somethings, presumably replete with Gossip Girl-level-debauchery.  I read a number of these books as […]