Monthly Archives: June 2010

A Week in the Life

George Pelecanos, Scrabulous, Scott Simon, John Prine, Rafael Nadal, Jedediah Barry, Danica Patrick, Verlyn Klinkenborg, Jonathan Franzen, “Gavin and Stacy,” David Carr, Richard Thompson and Real Housewives are just some of the entries in Reagan Arthur’s “Culture Diary” for the Paris Review online.  Read it here.

Road Reading

I’m about to fly out to Los Angeles, where I’ll sleep in my childhood bedroom for a night before throwing my suitcase in the back of my mom’s Honda and pointing said Honda back the way I came.  Together my mom and I will be heading east: to Erie, PA.  We’re going to take a […]

Writers on Writing

I’m late to reading it but loved the long essay on Elizabeth Hardwick in the May 13th New York Review of Books, by Darryl Pinckney (sorry, link will work for subscribers only).  The best bit is the the final paragraph: Hardwick liked to say that there were really only two reasons to write: desperation or […]

Good News of the Day

All of us at Little, Brown and Reagan Arthur Books are proud to see our friend and author Joshua Ferris recognized by the New Yorker for their “20 Under 40” list of young writers to watch.  Josh has published two terrific stories in the New Yorker (the first, “The Dinner Party,” was a National Magazine […]