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More Great News

Just in: a starred Publishers Weekly review  (scroll down to read) for Denise Mina’s “Still Midnight”, calling the book a “stellar first in a new series” and a “potent crime thriller.” 

Casting a Vote for the Next Celebrity Book

While it’s easy for many to write off celebrity books, some celebrity titles are more highly anticipated or even critically acclaimed. My vote for a celebrity book that would actually be worth reading goes whole-heartedly to a certain lanky, ginger-headed ex-late night host. Now that NBC has finally settled its sandbox war, it looks like […]

Things We Love

This “staff pick” note for “The Heretic’s Daughter” from the R.J. Julia bookstore in Madison, Connecticut.

More Great News

Megan Abbott, whose new novel will be published by Reagan Arthur Books in 2011, is a 2010 Edgar nominee  for “Bury Me Deep”!

Nota Bene

When we started to think about this imprint, the first order of business was to dream up a name. Not as easy as it might sound: my few ideas were either bad, or taken, or both. One of my early non-starters was “Nota Bene.” It wasn’t really apt—far more academic than our list, and it […]

Most Excited For

More books I’m really excited for: this collection from one of the great, and greatly overlooked New Yorker writers St. Clair McKelway.  McKelway specialized in true crime stories about the underbelly of 1930s-60s New York: junkmen, con men, counterfeiters, FBI agents, good cops and bad.  Plus, he endured five marriages and divorces, and “sometimes debilitating […]

The Power of Self-Promotion and Social Networking

I’m late in posting both of these things but people: deal with it, because everybody in the books world is just a little bit late with everything (except when you’re crashing a book; then you probably have to be really on time).  1) I thought this post on the consistently excellent HarperStudio blog, about the things […]

Questions You’ve Always Wanted Answers To

Find out why Joshua Ferris is glad he’s not a bee, and his 48-hour whirlwind romance with Reagan Arthur in this excellent Powell’s interview.

Letters to Love

Some people read the London Review of Books for the personal ads but I’m an even bigger fan of the Letters column, which frequently boasts the most outré collection of opinions and arguments you are likely to find in one place.  I got behind in my reading recently, so am just catching up on the […]

More Great News, II

Second “great news” post of the day: Kate Braestrup’s “Marriage and Other Acts of Charity” is included in the New York Post‘s recommendations for inspiring books to read in 2010, and Denise Mina’s “Still Midnight” (out in March) is a Denver Post Editor’s Choice for upcoming fiction.