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Adrienne Rich and the power of language

“I can’t write a poem that transcends my own limits, though poetry has often pushed me beyond old horizons, and writing a poem has shown me how far out a part of me was walking beyond the rest.” –Adrienne Rich, Someone is Writing a Poem As a student, I fell hard for the poetry of […]

A Rich start to the New Year…pun intended!

We can’t imagine a better way to start the week, let alone a whole year, than a Shouts and Murmurs column by Simon Rich in the New Yorker. Especially when we’ve got Simon’s novel, What in God’s Name, coming in August.  But that’s not all! This week’s New Yorker piece is part of a collection […]

Ian Rankin: The Impossible Dead and the origin of an idea

Today is a very special day, and not only because our moms are getting the turkey ready to brine and preparing batches of Chex Mix, but because today Ian Rankin’s newest novel The Impossible Dead  goes on sale.  To celebrate, we’re featuring an excerpt from a special piece that Rankin wrote called “The Death of […]

Meg Mitchell Moore: On Being Edited

I love being edited. I love being copyedited too. This might come from the years I spent working for a magazine, where I was variously a copyeditor, an editor and a staff writer; all three are jobs whose expertise I value. I like feeling that the production of a book is a collaborative process. I […]

Meg Mitchell Moore: The Two-Book Deal

I have heard more than one author say, “I would never take a two-book deal!” This is sometimes followed by an admonition: “And you shouldn’t either.” The reasons behind these statements go something like this: What if you turn out a bad book because you’re writing it under pressure? Alternatively, what if your first book […]

Meg Mitchell Moore: On Running and Writing

Running and writing are two things I’ve been doing for a long time, and I think a lot of parallels exist between the two. When I wrote a guest post on the topic recently for The Divining Wand I realized that the first few comparisons I came up with cast the two pursuits in a […]

Meg Mitchell Moore: Writing in the Bunker

Meg Mitchell Moore is the author of The Arrivals, which publishes this week.  Set in Vermont, this captivating debut features a couple whose empty nest fills up again over the course of a summer, with each member of the family gaining new ideas of loyalty and responsibility as a result.  There are two different spots […]

Anna North: How My Novel Was Created

Anna North’s “America Pacifica” publishes this week and in celebration we will feature five days of posts from Anna, about how she wrote her novel.  “America Pacifica” is the story of an 18-year-old girl named Darcy, who is searching for her missing mother on an isolated tropical island that is one of the last habitable […]

A Writer’s Advice

Eowyn Ivey is an Alaska resident and the author of the forthcoming book “The Snow Child.”  She is pictured here with her Little, Brown tote bag at the entrance to the Arctic Circle!  Eowyn also writes for the 49 Writers Blog, which provides a resource for writers to connect across the state.  This week she […]

Kathleen Kent: Promoting the Book

A few authors I’ve talked to dread this part.  “Writers write, speakers speak and never the twain should meet” seems to be the sentiment of some of the more reticent souls who make their living putting words into print. The first few book talks were pretty unnerving.  I didn’t have a lot of experience speaking […]