Most Excited For

More forthcoming books from other publishers, that I’m excited to read:

Martin Stannard’s biography of Muriel Spark, which Norton is publishing in April.  I’m a fan of Spark’s fierce fiction, but know almost nothing about her life.  Her name is frequently mentioned as an influence on other female British and Irish writers I admire, so this seems like just the book to educate me.  

*”The Third Rail” by Michael Harvey, which is also out in April from Knopf.  I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t read any of Harvey’s books, which are meant to be amazing, and I’m missing the city of Chicago, where I lived for several years, and where Harvey’s contemporary noirs are set.

*Lots of Knopf books in this post, I realize, but I loved Julie Orringer’s story debut “How to Breathe Underwater” (the last line of the story “Pilgrims” lingers in my memory years after reading) and this Publishers Weekly review makes her first novel, a WWII saga set in Hungary and Paris, sound powerful.

*Last Knopf book, out March 2nd, has a great title and what promises to be a terrific story, about the nineteenth century search for the Northwest Passage: “The Man Who Ate His Boots” by Anthony Brandt.  I love travel and adventure stories, the more harrowing the better, and this looks like it can compete with the best of them.  It features scurvy, starvation, ships trapped in ice floes, and–improbably enough for the Arctic–mosquitos so thick they blot out the sun.

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