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Publishing has its seasons, marked by catalogs and sales conferences and holiday tie-ins, and less predictably by the coming and going of the people behind the scenes.  Today, when the calendar and thermometer leave no doubt that we are in the dead middle of summer, I feel a tinge of autumnal melancholy as I say goodbye to our wonderful friend and colleague, Andrea Walker, who is leaving RAB/Little, Brown to join Penguin Press next month.  Two years was about twenty years too short, if you ask me, but still Andrea planted seeds that will bear fruit for all of us in the years ahead.  For one thing, if you’re reading this blog post, it’s thanks to Andrea, who overhauled and oversaw our website.  And more significantly, in the months and years to come, you will be introduced to the four brilliant debut authors she brought to us: Stuart Nadler, Eowyn Ivey, Charlotte Rogan, and Poppy Gee.  Once you’ve had a chance to read any (all!) of these writers’ wonderful books, you’ll agree with me: it’s quite a legacy.


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    Good luck Andrea, you’ll be missed!

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    It’s been so wonderful working with you. Thanks for everything!

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