Meg Mitchell Moore: Influences and Inspiration

For her last day of blogging we asked Meg to write about the artists and creators outside the literary world who have shaped her work as a writer.

Music: Colin Meloy of the band The Decemberists has influenced me because of his ability to tell a large story in a small and contained space and the way he can evoke a very different time and place with just a few phrases.  Listening to Meloy’s music makes me feel more alive to the possibility of storytelling.

 Radio: Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air has taught me the importance of combining humility with curiosity, and that even the most accomplished or seemingly untouchable people are, in the end, just people, with foibles and insecurities and setbacks and stories to tell. I think this is an important lesson to remember for both fiction and nonfiction: that if you can get at the essence of a person first, you can learn the details about them or about their area of expertise around that essence. She has also taught me that an expert in almost any topic would rather be asked the most basic question than have somebody pretend that they know more than they do about a given subject.  

 Television: I could write for hours about how much I love the television show Mad Men. But I think what it boils down to is that Matthew Weiner, the creator, has figured out how to take characters and lives that could be construed as quiet (even, in some cases, boring) and infuse them with such drama without resorting to the generic sort plot twists that keep a lot of books or movies going. He also knows how to soften despicable behavior or to show the other side of it in a way that allows the viewer to feel empathy for every character.—Meg Mitchell Moore

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