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Eowyn Ivey is an Alaska resident and the author of the forthcoming book “The Snow Child.”  She is pictured here with her Little, Brown tote bag at the entrance to the Arctic Circle!  Eowyn also writes for the 49 Writers Blog, which provides a resource for writers to connect across the state.  This week she offers tips for beating writer’s block—some of which are counter-intuitive, some of which are innovative, and all of which are useful.  My favorite is the following:

• Imagine someone beating me to the punch. I know it’s silly and unlikely, but it would be horrible if another writer, especially someone not from Alaska, sold a novel with a story idea similar to mine to a major publisher. Even if it wasn’t the exact same idea, or written the way I would have done it, I’d be out of luck. There is no way they are going to publish two Gold Rush apocalypse vampire novels in the same year.

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