Sweet Things

To celebrate this Valentine’s Day we bring you three delectable news items:

1) Two Reagan Arthur Books are in the top three spots for the inaugural Salon Good Sex in Fiction Award—at #3 is a scene from Joshua Ferris’ “The Unnamed” involving sex in a hospital bed (it’s more romantic than it sounds, trust us) and, edging out a little book called “Freedom” for the #1 spot is… drumroll please… James Hynes’ Next, for the best scene ever involving sex with a young college student on the railing of a farmhouse porch.  If that doesn’t make you want to buy the book then I have no idea what makes people want to buy books, ever.

2) Elena Shapiro’s “13 Rue Thérèse” (a story of French women, affairs, and historical intrigue that would make the perfect Valentine’s Day present!) was reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

3) Our adorable Emma Rathbone, author of  “Patterns of Paper Monsters” , is featured on an episode of “Cooking the Books” with Emily Gould, making strawberry-wafer cookies—an ideal Valentine’s treat!

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