All I Want For Christmas

1.  To travel around the world in 108 days on the Queen Elizabeth with my sisters and my cousin on a “let’s skip out on life for a third of the year” type vacation.  We would require the $77,000 suite, obviously.

2.  To find the perfect brown flat boots that will come up to my knees as my legs are too long for most “knee length” boots and I’m not a lady of the night so the over-the-knee ones aren’t an option.  And please stop trying to make suede boots happen, shoemakers of the world.  In NYC you can wear a suede boot on the one day a year that it’s chilly but totally dry and I already have an outfit planned for that day.

3.  To remind the world that while leggings can very (very!) occasionally be pants, tights are absolutely never leggings.  I can tell you what pattern is on your underwear, young lady.

4.  To get past that really annoying level on Angry Birds that I can’t beat no matter how hard I try and how many curses I shout out to the Gods.  You know, THAT one.  Thanks, Reagan, for this new obsession.

5.  To go to Spitsbergen and hang out with the polar bears and reindeer.  From a safe distance.

6.  This. Look, you think I don’t know it’s not cool to love seltzer?  I know.  But my other favorite drink is cherry Kool-Aid, so really, this is the cooler of the two.  Quit judging.

7.  To stop thinking about Angry Birds when I’m doing things like trying to get to bed,  talking to my loved ones, or writing out Christmas wish lists.

8.  Everything on the Le Creuset website.  I’m accepting gifts from strangers, by the way.

9.  Angry Birds.

10.  Many, many dresses from Anthropologie.  But I would want Santa to wait until they are on sale because their stuff is really cute, but it’s ludicrous to charge as much as they do for mass-produced things that will lose their buttons after the first wear.  Santa’s thinking “But I have the money!” It’s the principle, Claus.  It’s the principle.

11.  ANGRY Birds!


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