All I Want For Christmas

1.  Two days to do nothing but watch every movie on this list, except “The Social Network” which I’ve already seen.  And maybe “Toy Story 3.”

2.   A classic black blazer. I have a very stylish friend who consults on all fashion purchases over $100, and she has officially approved the enduring stylish-ness of this blazer.  Even though I will likely never purchase it because it is a $600 blazer.

3.  A men’s style briefcase bag.  What, we said these lists could be extreme fantasy, right?

4.  Beautiful Harvard University Press edition of Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project.  This is 1088 pages and I can’t deceive myself into thinking that I would read more than 20.  But I like the idea of having this on my shelf, along with all my battered Marxist literary-theory volumes I could never part with, even when I left graduate school and became the kind of person who covets $1600 handbags.

5.  This book looks gorgeous and has been beautifully reviewed everywhere from Glamour to the New Republic.

6.  Beauty products that I genuinely believe will change my life, because I am the kind of person who believes beauty products have that power.  Right now I firmly believe something called a “watermelon sunscreen stick” will change my life. People who disabuse me of this notion will be officially un-friended on Facebook.

7.  This book, because I am obsessed with William Maxwell and Sylvia Townsend Warner, both.

8.  All my Elvis Costello albums which I’ve lost or scattered over the years to be back in one place on my ipod without my actually having to do anything to assemble this.

9.  Someone to come play with my dog for 12,000 hours to make up for my guilt about not having walked my dog enough this year.

10.  This champagne, to drink on New Year’s Eve.

11.  Peace and love and understanding and all that.  And a $600 blazer.

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