Book People: Introducing a New Series

This post inaugurates a new series about people whose lives are based on and around books.  Our first participant is Rebecca Joines Schinsky, who lives in Richmond, Virginia and has been blogging about fiction and nonfiction at The Book Lady’s Blog for the past three years.  In 2009 she set herself the goal of reading 100 books; 2010 is her “Year of Reading Deliberately.” Rebecca kindly took the time to answer the following questions:

What made you start a blog?

I really had no idea what I was getting into when I started my blog. I had been reading a few book blogs and wanted in on the fun, and then I was bored at work one day and decided to take the plunge. I’ve always loved to write, and I was looking for a creative outlet that would allow me to connect with other people who shared my passion for books. Lucky for me, I got that and so much more.

Is there a book that you would be embarrassed to tell your friends how much you enjoyed?

I can honestly say the answer to this is no. I don’t really believe in being embarrassed about reading. I recently read my very first romance novel, and I always thought I’d be embarrassed about that, but I wasn’t, and it was great. My iPod, on the other hand? There are definitely some songs (heck, whole albums) I’d be embarrassed to reveal.

What are the first three sites you visit every day?

I start every day with Twitter, Gmail, and a check-in at my blog.

Three authors, desert island, thirty second response:

Toni Morrison, John Irving, Margaret Atwood

Where is your favorite place to read?

I’m not picky when it comes to finding a place to read, but my all-time favorite was this cabana my husband and I rented by the pool on our honeymoon in Antigua.


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    I would like to read in that cabana as well. Great answers Rebecca!

  2. Posted October 1, 2010 at 9:24 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I want that cabana…at my house!

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