Where I Write: Emma Rathbone

This post concludes the first installment of our series The Writer at Work, and we’re grateful to Emma Rathbone for taking part in it.  Here she shows us where she works—a place that we at Reagan Arthur Books are calling “the world’s most organized desk.”

This is the desk at which I write. It is nothing fancy, and those flowers are not usually there. On my bulletin board is a postcard someone sent me once that has a bunch of Indian Signs on the front. My favorite one is of a robotic looking eagle, next to which it says “Thunderbird.”

The thing that is most instrumental to my being productive when I write, usually in the morning, is that it’s very quiet. Any sort of erratic sound completely throws me off and has been known to pitch me into the kind of white rage I only knew as a child pondering racism.

I wish all writing days were good writing days. What usually happens with me is probably the same for everyone else. I get up, crank up the brain, try to face what I wrote the day before, and maybe even expand on that.

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