Spring Forward

The start of spring marks the rebirth of blogging at Reagan Arthur Books, after a long period of hibernation.  Some important things to note: our new books can be found here, and we hope you will consider each in their spectacularity (Listen grammar mavens—the “Free Online Dictionary” says that is a word, so I’m going with it).  We also wanted to congratulate Stuart Nadler, whose short story “Visiting” appears in The Atlantic Monthly’s 2010 Fiction Issue, and whose short story “In the Book of Life” appears as part of The Atlantic‘s new partnership with Kindle.  Stuart Nadler’s debut story collection, “The Book of Life” will be published by Reagan Arthur books in 2011, a fact that we are spectacularly excited about, as well as being excited about the fact that The Atlantic is now publishing more fiction than it has since the mid-1970s.

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