Amazing Advance Praise

is pouring in for Frederick Reiken’s “Day for Night”, which is out on April 26th, and has already been named a top novel of 2010 by the Telegraph.  For instance, there’s this, from the esteemed Richard Russo:

Day For Night does what really good books so often do by forcing us to see the familiar world in new ways that reveal its wonder.  It’s a nifty trick that not every writer can pull off.  Frederick Reiken can and does.” 

And this, from the talented Kevin Canty:

Day for Night is beautiful, original, brilliant and swift. A novel that seems to be about everything, everywhere, yet wears its ambitions lightly and keeps hold of a strong, mysterious emotional core. I admired every page of it and can’t wait to read it again.”

And last but definitely not least, from the brilliant Margot Livesey:

“From the dazzling opening chapter of Day For Night, Frederick Reiken makes clear that the stakes for his characters, and for his readers, are nothing less than everything.  Here is a world, our world, in which no-one gets to escape the net of history and no-one, finally, gets to deny their human connections.  I held my breath while I watched Reiken assemble his own extraordinary minyan.”

All this, and one of our most beautiful covers:

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