The Power of Self-Promotion and Social Networking

I’m late in posting both of these things but people: deal with it, because everybody in the books world is just a little bit late with everything (except when you’re crashing a book; then you probably have to be really on time).  1) I thought this post on the consistently excellent HarperStudio blog, about the things author Gretchen Rubin did to make her book “The Happiness Project” a success was really insightful.  I recognize that the type of person who will write a great book is not always the type of person who will be great at selling that book, but let’s face it: there are more types of writing than ever clamoring for readers’ attention, and the authors who can embrace the new ways of grabbing it will have a leg up.  2) Just look at this woman, who while not an author used Facebook to land her “dream job” in book publishing—make sure to read the Comments.

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