Most Excited For

I hereby inaugurate a new category of blog post, in which I write about the forthcoming books from other publishers that I cannot wait to read.  First up: Adam Haslett’s “Union Atlantic” which is out from Nan A. Talese in Feburary, and has this gorgeous cover:Why am I excited for it?  Because “You are Not a Stranger Here” was a stunning and heartbreaking collection of stories which dealt with depression, homosexuality, and loneliness in near-universal terms.  I’m equally keen to see what the remarkable Eric Puchner does with his first novel “Model Home”, which is out from Scribner in February, because every single story in “Music Through the Floor” was a knockout.  Finally, I’m not ashamed to say that I will be watching Kelly Cutrone’s reality show Kell on Earth and that I will absolutely be reading, and taking life wisdom, from her forthcoming HarperOne book (which I love for the title alone), “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside.”

PR Newser has a preview interview with Cutrone about the book, which gives a sense of just how good it’s going to be.

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